Price Promise / Beat My Price

Price promises are a type of offer that we don’t include in our feeds. The reason for this is that, like Best Odds Guaranteed, many bookmakers offer them and the terms tend not to vary much. Meaning that if we included them in the feeds you might see the same thing repeated 10 or more times, but with different bookmakers names attached.

“You Won’t Beat My Price”

Price MatchA price promise is something a bookmaker offers to reassure you that you’re getting the best deal. Here they are so confident in their odds that no other bookie will beat their price that they will match any higher odds that you can find.

For example: If you back Man City to win at 2/1 with Bookie X but then discover Bookie Y was offering 5/2, Bookie X will match the higher price and boost your odds to 5/2.

If the opposite were true, and the odds you backed were higher than the odds at the other bookies, nothing changes and your original (higher) odds stand.

There are normally a few restrictions on this kind of promotion, and the price matches only apply to selected bookmakers (normally the bigger name and high street brands). Betting exchange odds are normally excluded, as are any odds that are the result of a promotion or customer specific odds boost.

These kinds of offers don’t normally apply to all markets and you’ll often find smaller, less popular, bets or events excluded from the promotion.

Whats the Difference Between Price Promise & Best Odds Guaranteed?

Best Odds Guaranteed sounds very similar to a price promise, but it’s actually quite different. Whilst a price promise offers to match the odds at another bookie (should they be higher), Best Odds Guaranteed (sometimes referred to as BOG) is actually specific to horse racing and refers to the starting price.

When you back a horse you have the option of taking the quoted price or going for the Starting Price (SP). The SP is determined as an average of the odds of the on course bookmakers and can change based on the volume of bets coming in. So whilst you could be offered 10/1 on a horse before the race, the SP could end up being 9/1 or 11/1.

With BOG you are guaranteed to get the better of the two odds when you take a price. This means that if you backed a horse at 10/1 and the SP was 11/1 you would be paid out at 11/1. Conversely if you backed a horse at 10/1 and the SP was 9/1 your original 10/1 odds would stand.

It is possible that the SP is higher than you original odds, but that another bookmaker had even higher odds. In this scenario BOG would only adjust your odds to the SP, not the higher odds of the rival betting site. If, however, your site was also offering a price promise then you may find the odds of your bet matched to the higher odds.

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