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Unfortunately, after two years of helping businesses grow and consumers find great deals, bespoke offers and Beat My Price have closed.

As a result, customers will no longer be able to purchase deals or place new orders. For those customers that have already ordered from us, rest assured, all outstanding orders will be processed as normal.

For our business partners, you will no longer be able to load or administer any transactions online.

If you do want to contact us, we’re still here to help. For any queries regarding existing orders or purchases please contact servicecentre@bespokeoffers.co.uk.


How can I contact bespoke offers with a query?
If you have a query please email servicecentre@bespokeoffers.co.uk and we will respond to you within 3 working days.
I have been contacted by a customer who has a query about bespoke offers, what should I do?
Please refer the customer to our customer FAQs here.
Can I view my invoices?
You cannot view or download your invoices after 30th November 2015. If you need details of a specific transaction or payment please email servicecentre@bespokeoffers.co.uk and we will be able to answer your query.
When will I receive any outstanding payments?
We have released all outstanding payments. If you have a query relating to an invoice or payment please email servicecentre@bespokeoffers.co.uk.
What are my obligations in respect of outstanding orders?
Outstanding orders should be fulfilled as normal. We will continue to provide a point of contact for customers but you will remain fully responsible for delivery and performance of your contractual obligations. We will pass all customer queries to you so please keep the sales agreement handy and make it available to customers should they require it. Remember that pursuant to the new Consumer Rights Act, customers have now new rights and remedies and contractual obligations extend beyond what is purely written in the contract to any contact with customers before and after the sale.

Please be reminded that we partner with the Retail Ombudsman and offer customers the option to have their complaint reviewed by this alternative dispute resolution scheme. The scheme has been approved as an ‘ombudsman’ by the Secretary of State and authorised as an ADR scheme by Chartered Trading Standards – in accordance with The Alternative Dispute Resolution Service for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015. For more information please visit www.theretailombudsman.org.uk. You will have certain obligations in relation to any customer data we have passed to you and how you handle such data. Please make sure you are familiar with the obligations set out in the Data Protection provisions of the Standard Terms which will survive the termination of the contractual arrangement with Barclaycard bespoke offers for as long as such data needs to be managed by you. Please ensure you comply with your obligations in relation to retention and destruction of Barclays Data.